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Hanshi Richard

Richard A Salmon Shihan (Hanshi) is the founder of the Budo Ryu System of Karate as well as the Budokan SA Group Karate/Judo Dojo’s 1961. He is ranked 1st Dan (Aikido), 1st Dan (Shotokan Karate), 2nd Dan (Judo), 2nd Dan (Goju‐Ryu Karate), 5th Dan (Shukokai Karate) and 8th Dan Budo‐Ryu Karate.
In 2004, Richard Salmon was the first South African inducted into the S.A. KARATE & MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME, as a FOUNDING FATHER of the Martial Arts in South Africa. He was awarded the Diamond Protea Award and the honoury title of, Grand Master [Soke] and a Dai-Hanshi, 9th Dan (Degree) Black Belt. At the same celebration, he was also awarded an honoury 10th Dan Black Belt, from the HALL OF FAME OF ISRAEL end the ISRAELI MARTIAL ARTS CENTER.
RICHARD SALMON “DAI-HANSHI” founded BUDO-RYU INTERNATIONAL in 2008 , a loose affiliation of Martial Artists from around the world, solely for the purpose of bringing together similar minded Martial Artists, for the sharing of ideas.
Japanese Masters trained under:
Chojero Tani 8th Dan Hanshi Founder, Shukokai/Shito Ryu & World Karate Union
M. Fugiwara 8th Dan Shukokai/Shito Ryu /Chief Instructor, WKU teaching Dept.
Mas. Oyama 8th Dan Founder, Kyukoshinkai
Gogen Yamaguchi 10th Dan Goju Ryu
Matsotoshi Nakayama 8th Dan Chief Instructor, JKA/Shotokan
Akira Taniguchi, 8th Dan Goju Ryu (Sao Paulo /Curitiba, Brazil 1964)
Kyuzo Mifune, 10th Dan Instruction guided at the Kodokan dojo, Tokyo 1967
Morihei Uyeshiba "O'Sensei" Founder, Aikido

Nossa homenagem a esse "guerreiro", que buscou conhecimento, que fez por merecer.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for your respect & courtesy toward Hanshi. We are very proud to belong to such a high standing group of karate ka's from the YMCA from Shihan Arthur Xavier.

    Thank you
    miss Coby
    Administration for Budo-Ryu International